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Sushi That Won’t Make You Seriously Sick

20 Jun

We recently read a local news piece about a Father’s Day celebration gone wrong– the Pham family found worms in the salmon they were using to make sushi.  While we’re not taking a position on who was right or wrong in the incident, we think it stinks that the celebration ended up with people praying to the porcelain-god.

Pham family, to make up for your not-so-happy Father’s Day fiasco, please have a sushi roll on us! We know that you’re probably associating sushi with images too-graphic-to-mention, but  sushi, prepared the right way, is still one of the best food choices you can make. Shoot an e-mail to Brittany (brittany@howdoyouroll.com) for more details!

While the Pham family incident seems to be isolated, all too often we hear stories of sushi gone-wrong. We’ll be the first to admit that eating raw or undercooked foods does increase your chances for foodborne illnesses (okay, so maybe we aren’t the first and technically the FDA requires us to say that, but we do acknowledge the risk).

When it comes to eating raw fish, the FDA says that “some species of fish can contain parasites, and freezing will kill any parasites that may be present.”

If you’re making sushi at home,  choose fish that’s meant to be eaten raw or “sushi quality.” If making your own sushi is making you a bit queasy after all you’ve heard, head to an established restaurant, like hdyr?

In corporate speak, we can assure you that all fish at hdyr? has been produced in a facility under a competent HACCP and Sanitary program in accordance with the US FDA’s seafood HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123. It should be noted that our frozen seafood is stored at -4 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, for more than 7 days before being distributed to hdyr? locations.

There are tons of perks to eating raw foods and sushi, so don’t let the sometimes-negative-attention scare you. Many fish are high in protein and low in calories, not to mention full of omega-3 fatty acids (sounds like the perfect food for rockin’ that bikini all summer… just sayin’).

If you’ve got a beef with any of our products, we’d love to talk to you! (We don’t recommend talking to the actual products about it, they’re sensitive to criticism). Shoot us an e-mail at info@howdoyouroll.com or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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